Books written by "Qu Qiong"

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Chinese Tangka
ISBN: 9787511713124 | Publisher: Central Compilation and Translation Press | Published on 03/2012
This book described a traditional art style-Tangka. As we all known,China had a long history especially in the arts.It is famous all over the...

Current Pictures of Early Years of Shanghai Since Port Opening
ISBN: 9787545808247 | Publisher: Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House | Published on 12/2013

Classics of Yunnan Ethnic Groups in English Translation: The Gold Flute
ISBN: 9787222175006 | Publisher: Yunnan People's Publishing House | Published on 12/2018

A Coursebook for Chinese Culture in English
ISBN: 9787307222656 | Publisher: Wuhan University Press | Published on 07/2021