Chinese Tangka

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Language: English
Format: 2012-03
Page: 269
Publication Date: 03/2012
ISBN: 9787511713124
This book described a traditional art style-Tangka. As we all known,China had a long history especially in the arts.It is famous all over the world.The value of Tangka art lies in its unique position. This book will take you into the Tibetan Tangka world.You must feel the mysterious coloring painting.
Table of Contents
Brief Introduction of Xihedao(Tibetan: Chagdor) 
Chapter One Impression on Regong 
Section One My Deep Love for the Mountains and Rivers in the Regong Area 
Section Two The Village Event: The June Gatherings 
Section Three Regong Art and Regong Lha-bzo(Tibetan Buddhism artists in the Regong area) 
Chapter Two Xihedao's experience of apprenticeship 
Section One From Wutun Village to Labrang Monastery: My childhood Impression 
Section Two Back to Wutun Village 
Section Three The Wandering Regong Lha-bzo 
Section Four Youth: My Memoryin the Army 
Section Five My Marriage Arranged by Heaven 
Section Six The Station Buddha in the Xining Railway Section 
Section Seven Second Return to Wutun Village 
Chapter Three Traditional tools for Tangka painting 
Section One The Main Tools for Tangka Painting and Their Functions 
Section Two The Making of Tools for Painting 
Chapter Four Painting process of Tangka and its related theories 
Section One The Processing Skill of the Frame and Canvas 
Section Two Grid-Constructing and Position Setting in Tangka Painting 
Section Three Proportion and Line Drawing 
Section Four The Basic Principles of Tangka-drawing Theory 
Chapter Five The making of pigment and skill of coloring 
Section One The Source and Making of the Five Commonly Used Pigments 
Section Two The Process of Color Use-Coloring,Dyeing and Outlining 
Section Three Taboo in the Process of Coloring 
Section Four Gold Application 
Section Five Artist's Unique Skills: Painting Facial Features of Buddha 
Chapter Six Types of Tangka,its morunting and features of iconography 
Section One Types of Tangka 
Section Two Tangka-mounting 
Section Three The Features of Iconography and the Consecration 
Chapter Sevren Xihedao and Regong art 
Section One Xihedao's View on Regong Art 
Section Two Xihedao's Exclusive Techniques of Tangka Painting 
Section Three Regong Artists' Various Painting Approaches
Section Four The Preservation,Inheritance,and Development of Regong Tangka 
Section Five The Custom of Honoring the Master and the Requirement for the Apprentice's Moral Character 
Chapter Eight Life in Wutun Village 
Section One Xihedao in Others' Eyes 
Section Two Xihedao's Understanding of Intangible Cultural Heritage 
Section Three Major Works by Xihedao 
Xihedao Chronology 
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