A Chinese-English Interpretation of the Essences of Chinese Culture

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Table of Contents
语言-The Chinese Language
文书误一字A Wrong Character in the Document
汉语The Chinese Language
图书-The Chinese Books
书籍之厄Dooms of Books
《尚书》与伏生A Classic of History and Fu Sheng
《书籍之为艺术》节选Excerpts from Books as an Art /范景中
书法-The Chinese Calligraphy
帝王父子书Calligraphies by Father-and-Son Emperors
师徒授业谈The Teaching Conversation /吴敢
中国书法The Chinese Calligraphy
绘画-The Chinese Painting
奕奕欲生As Vivid as Live
早期人物画The Early Figure Painting
九鬲房读画札记Jiugefang's Notes of Reading Engravings /王超
建筑-The Chinese Architecture
紫禁城与园林Forbidden City and the Chinese Garden
六和塔Liuhe(Six Harmony)Pagoda
石窟寺The Cave Temples
织绣-The Chinese Silk Embroideries
官服古制Ancient Regulations of Chinese Official Uniforms
龙袍Imperial Robes with Embroidered Dragons
缂丝Kesi Art
黑陶文化Black-pottery Culture
龙泉瓷Longquan Porcelain
哲学-The Chinese Philosophy
三孔Three Kongs
《论语》The Analects of Confucius
《论语》节选Excerpts from The Analects of Confucius
文学-TheChinese Literature
《山海经》节选Excerpts from The Classic of Mountains and Seas
《诗经》节选Excerpts from The Book of Poetry
饮食-The Chinese Culinary
东坡肉Dongpo Pork
月饼Moon Cakes
《茶经》节选Excerpts from The Classic of Tea
中医-The Chinese Medicine
《梦溪笔谈》节选Excerpts from Brush Talks from Dream Brook
中医与现代西医 Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Western Medicine
影视-The Chinese Movies
小蝌蚪找妈妈Tadpoles Looking for Mommy
水墨动画Ink-and-wash Animation
饰品-The Chinese Adornment
发饰Hair Accessories
玉雕Jade Sculpture
A Chinese-English Interpretation of the Essences of Chinese Culture