Yunnan statistical Yearbook 2017

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I. Statistical Yearbook -2017 of Yunnan Province is a statistical material tool book that comprehensively reflects the national economic and social development in Yunnan Province and brings together economic and social issues in 2016 and major years in all provinces, cities, counties (cities, districts) Develop key statistics.
Second, the Yearbook of the Yearbook Chapter content of the part of the adjustment, after the adjustment of the book a total of 18 chapters, namely: 1. Provincial conditions; 2. National Economic Accounting; 3. Investment in fixed assets; 4. Urban and rural market consumption; Public finance 6 Foreign economic relations and trade 7 Agriculture and rural areas 8 Industry and energy 9 Construction and real estate 10 Transportation, communications and services 11 Finance and insurance 12 Tourism ; 13. Education, technology and culture; 14. Health, sports and social management; 15. Population and employment; 16. Resources and environment; 17. Economic overview of ethnic autonomous areas;
Third, each chapter of this yearbook is accompanied by an explanation of the main statistical indicators. The meanings, statistical ranges and statistical methods of the main statistical indicators are briefly described. The source of this yearbook, most of which come from the annual statistical reports. Due to the differences in the scope of statistics and survey methods, the numbers of some counties and counties (cities and districts) may not equal the total of the province. For some statistical indicators, the scope of statistical coverage changes. The corresponding adjustment, and explained in the statistics table, please note that in use.
Fourth, the units of measurement are adopted by the state promulgated the international standard unit of measurement. The year on the unit of measurement further unified adjustment, the use of symbols Description: "space" that does not have the statistical data, or less than the minimum number of units in the table, or data is unknown; "#" indicates the middle of the indicator.
Fifth, I sincerely thank the party committees, governments and relevant departments at all levels for their concern and support for the editorial work of Yunnan Statistical Yearbook -2017 and the hard work of comrades participating in this work. In order to constantly improve and enhance the quality of the Yearbook, and better meet the needs of all sectors of society, I hope the readers put forward their valuable opinions. If there is any mistake in this yearbook, readers are welcome to criticize and correct it.
Yunnan statistical Yearbook 2017