Yunnan statistical Yearbook 2012

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First, the "Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2012" is a fully reflect the economic and social development of Yunnan Province, statistics books, a collection of the province and the city and county (city, district) the year 2011 and the major economic and social development of key statistics. Second, the Yearbook Yearbook chapters of the contents of the previous year were adjusted, the adjusted book is 21 chapters, namely: 1. Comprehensive; 2. National nuclear operator; 3. Population; 4. Employment and wages; 5. Investment in fixed assets; 6. Foreign trade; 7. Energy; 8. Finance, banking and insurance; 9. Price index; 10. People's lives; 11. Resources and the environment; 12. Agriculture; 13. Industry; 14. Construction; 15. Transport and Telecommunications; 16. Wholesale and retail trade; 17. Accommodation, catering and tourism; 18. Education, science, culture and sports; 19. Health and other social activities; 20. Overview of the ethnic autonomous areas; 21. The city of major economic indicators. Third, after each chapter in this book with the main statistical indicators explain the meaning of key statistical indicators, statistical coverage and statistical methods are illustrated. The Yearbook of sources, mostly from the annual statistical reports, a small part from a sample survey. As the statistical difference between the scope and methods of investigation, some indicators of the city and county (city, district) numbers may not equal the sum total of the province, for some range of statistical indicators, statistical changes, the yearbook of the information made adjusted accordingly, and are explained in the tables, in use, please note. Fourth, the use of weights and measures are issued by the State unit of the international standard measurement units. Notations used in the Yearbook states: "space" indicates no information on the statistical indicators; or represents the minimum number of units; or unknown; "#" indicates the major items. Fifth, the party committees, governments and relevant departments to give ((Yunnan Statistical Yearbook, "the editorial care and support, and comrades involved in this work express my sincere thanks! To constantly improve and refine the quality of the yearbook, to better meet the community community needs and we hope readers for their valuable comments. Yearbook of any error in this place, the reader criticized the correction.
Yunnan statistical Yearbook 2012