Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2015 (with CD-Rom)

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Publication Date: 10/2015
ISBN: 9787503775734
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Yunnan statistical Yearbook
First, the "Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2015" is a comprehensive reflection of statistical information tool for national economic and social development of Yunnan Province, bringing together the province and each city, counties (cities, districts) in 2014 and the main production year of economic and social Development of key statistics.<br/>
Second, the yearbook for the annual yearbook chapter ~ Yung made some adjustments, the book has 18 chapters after adjustment, namely: 1. The situation in the province before; 2. national accounts; 3. clever fixed capital investment; 4. consumption of urban and rural markets; 6. Foreign Economic Relations and Trade;; 5. 7. public finances agricultural and rural; 8. Industry and Energy; 9. The construction and real estate; 10. Transportation, beans through an introduction and services; 11.- Finance and Insurance industry; 12. Tourism; 13. Education, science and culture; 14. health, sports and social management; 15. Population and employment; 16 two resources and the environment; 17. Economic Overview autonomous areas; 18. County Economy.<br/>
Third, the yearbook after each chapter with Main Statistical Indicators, the meaning of the major statistical indicators, statistical methods meter range and a brief description of the study. The yearbook data sources, mostly from the annual statistical report (Express number). Because of differences in survey methods and statistical scope of some indicators of each city, county (city, district) numbers together may not equal the province's total, for some statistical indicators of statistical changes in the scope of the yearbook of the relevant data has been adjusted accordingly, and made comments in the relevant statistical tables in use please note.<br/>
The units of measurement are internationally standard measurement units issued by the State. If the amount of the Yearbook of the unit further harmonization adjustments. ? The yearbook each table cell "indicates that the statistical indicators, a master minimum number of units, or data are not available; γ index indicating which items.<br/>
V. Party committees, governments and relevant departments to give the "Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2015" editorial support and care, as well as to participate in the work of the comrades for their hard efforts to express my heartfelt thanks! To continue to improve and enhance the quality of the end of the Yearbook, to better meet the needs of the community, we hope readers valuable advice. If the error between the yearbook, the reader criticism.<br/>
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Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2015 (with CD-Rom)