Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2013

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Page: 621
Publication Date: 09/2013
ISBN: 9787503769610
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Yunnan statistical Yearbook
"Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2013" is a comprehensive reflection of statistical information tool for national economic and social development of Yunnan Province, bringing together the province and city and county (city, district) in 2012 and a year of major economic and social development key statistics data.
"Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2013" the year of the Yearbook Yearbook chapters of a larger adjustment, the adjusted book of 19 chapters, namely: 1. And overview of the province; 2. Economic growth; 3. Fixed asset investment; 4. Urban and rural consumer market; 5. Public finance; 6. Foreign Economic Relations and Trade; 7. Agriculture and rural; 8. Industry and Energy; 9. Construction and real estate; 10 transport and communications; .. 11 finance and insurance; 12 tourism; .. 13 education, science and culture sector; 14 health, sports and social management; 15 population and employment; 17 areas' economic profiles;; 16 resources and Environment 18. City economic profile; 19. County Economic Profile.
Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2013