Following the Steps of Matteo Ricci to China

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Table of Contents
A New Page of the Cultural Communication between China and Europe
Fantasy in the Ancient Times
Great Age of Geographic Discovery
Matteo Ricci,the Western Confucian Coming to China
Western Vogue in the Periods of Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong
The Foreign Missionaries in the Royal Palace
Matteo Ricci and Emperor Wanli
Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Emperor Shunzhi
Ferdinand Verbiest and Emperor Kangxi
Foreign Diplomats of the Qing Dynasty
Chinese Scholars and Western Missionaries
Matteo Ricci and His Treatise on Friendship
Association for the Sake of Curiosity
Association for the Sake of Belief
Introduction Of Western Astronomy and Calendar
Calendar Reform and Introduction of Astronomy
Manufacture of Astronomical Instruments
Introduction and Research of Western Mathematics
From Matteo Ricci's World Map to the Missionaries'Maps of China
Matteo Ricci and His World Map
Territory Maps of China Drawn in the Qing Dynasty
Transmission of the Maps of China to the West
Introduction of Other Western Sciences and Technologies
Western Physics and Mechanics in China
Western Cannons and Chinese Political Changes
Western Chime Clock and Chinese Clock Industry
Introduction of Western Art
Western Music in the Forbidden City
Chinese Emperors and Western Painting Art
The Western Style Buildings in China
Introduction of Western Ideology and Literature
The Western Society under the Missionaries'Pen
Translation of Western Allegory
Western Philosophy and Religion in China
The Western Religion in the Eyes of Chinese Scholars
The Development of Christianity in China
Review of the Development of Christianity in China
The Chinese Rites Controversy and Its Results
Introduction of Chinese Culture to the West
Translation of Chinese Classics
The Chinese Rites Controversy and Introduction of Chinese Philosophy
Reports on Chinese History
Discussion on Chinese Language in Europe
The Jesuits and Their Introduction of Chinese Science and Technology
Rise of Missionary Sinology
“Chinese Fashion”in Europe in the 18th Century
Charming and Fashionable Chinese Goods
Chinese Stylcd Gardens
“Chinese Fashion”in Western Society
Following the Steps of Matteo Ricci to China