Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2002 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)

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I. Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook-2002 (in both Chinese and English) is a data annuals of comprehensively about Xinjiang's economy and social development in both Chinese and English by Statistical Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The publication of the yearbook will provide the leading officials and heads at all levels with detailed and rich information in their knowledge of Xinjiang's situation and Xinjiang's economic operation as well as macro -instruction for economy.

II. The yearbook comprises twenty sections. With Explanatory Notes of Main Statistical Indicators at the end of a section.

III. The national legal metering units are adopted as units of computation in the yearbook.

IV. The relevant data in each section of the yearbook are not quite identical shown in some material because of statistical statement and price of computation. We have added explanatory notes at the end of table, which is to be minded when you use it.

V. The data about Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture in the present Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook covers counties (cities) direct under Ili Prefecture, Tacheng Prefecture and Altay Prefecture.
Table of Contents
1. Division of Administrative Areas and Natural Resources

2. General Survey

3. Population

4. Labor Force, Employment and Wage

5. Investment in Fixed Assets

6. Production and Consumption of Energy

7. Local Government Finance and Price Indices

8. People’s Livelihood

9. Survey of Minority Nationality Autonomous Areas

10. General Survey of Cities

11. Surveyof Municipality and County

12. Agriculture

13. Industry

14. Construction

15. Transportation, Postal and Telecommunications Services

16. DomesticTrade

17. ForeignTrade and Economic Cooperation, International Tourism

18. Banking and Insurance

19. Education, Science, Technology and Patents

20. Culture, Sports, Public Health, Social Welfare, Environmental Protection and others

21. Enterprise Survey

22. Appendix: Statistics on Major Countries and Territories

Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2002 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)