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Action and Gesture Recognition Based on Multi-modal Data
ISBN: 9787560665399 | Published on 08/2022
This book provides a series of gesture and behavior recognition methods based on multimodal data representation. The data modalities include image...

Artifical Neural Network: Theory and Its Applications
ISBN: 9787560660356 | Published on 06/2021
This book comprehensively and deeply introduces the artificial neural network theory and its application. The book consists of three sections: the...

Basic Introduction of Joint Operations
ISBN: 9787560652221 | Published on 03/2019
Contents: Basic issues of Joint Operations are dedicated in the book. The contents include basic concepts, the mechanism, function and organization...

C & C++ Programming
ISBN: 9787560664118 | Published on 04/2022
C&C++ Programming, provides a traditional introduction to program development and effective use of C and C++ programming language. The content of...

C Programming Tutorial For Beginners
ISBN: 9787560639307 | Published on 01/2016

Discrete Mathematics
ISBN: 9787560669090 | Published on 08/2023
The book is mainly aimed at the bilingual curriculum design of discrete mathematics.It can meet the needs of the types of an introduction to the...

Electromagnetic Simulation Analysis in EMC Applications
ISBN: 9787560660677 | Published on 07/2021

Elements of Probability and Statistics
ISBN: 9787560654492 | Published on 06/2019
Since 2012, authors of this book have been engaged in teaching of probability and statistics for international exchange students. These students are...

Experimental College Physics
ISBN: 9787560642901 | Published on 11/2016

High Performance Enterprises Management
ISBN: 9787560632612 | Published on 01/2014
This book makes in-depth and refined analysis on the basic elements of modern enterprises' operation (Vision, Mission, Shared Value, Goals,...

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