Chinese Made Easier (Second edition) 3 (with audios)

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Access vocabulary list to create printable writing worksheets, test papers, puzzles, flashcards and word games

What makes this book different from most other Chinese textbooks published in China?
The content of each lesson is intensely practical. We have assumed that you are living in China and want to communicate on everyday topics as quickly as possible. So only useful vocabulary, immediately relevant to your everyday needs, is included.
We have worked hard at trying to make the grammar explanations as simple and clear as possible, avoiding complicated linguistic terminology.
Each lesson contains an activity related to the topic, in order to get you using the content as quickly as possible.
The reading & writing of Chinese characters is introduced at a manageable pace so you shouldn’t feel too overwhelmed.
Students who have used this textbook in our program have enjoyed the clear grammar explanations and practical content of each lesson. The textbook gives students what they need for daily living in China and hence fuels motivation to learn.
Dr. Howard Kenyon
Sunrise Chinese Language Program
Shaanxi Teacher Training University
Martin Symonds has crated the very textbook I’ve been looking for in China for a long while. With China’s entry into the WTO, there has been an urgent need for a course which is both practical and well structured, yet without the heavy emphasis on writing Chinese characters which most courses in China demand. This is definitely it!
Peter Moore
China Language Training Center

Table of Contents

21. Renting an Apartment   租房子
22. Post Office  邮局
23. Taking a Taxi  坐出租车
24. Buying Clothes  买衣服
25. Buying Food  买吃的东西
26. Buying Daily Necessities  买日用品
27. Seeing a Doctor  看病
28. An Outing  郊游
29. Talking About the Weather  谈天气
30. Banking  银行
31. An Invitation for a Meal  请客
32. Repairing a Bicycle  修理自行车
33. Talking About Education  谈教育
34. Introducing Yourself  自我介绍
35. Learning Chinese  学习汉语
36. Hobbies & Interests  爱好和兴趣
37. My Computer has been Stolen!  我的电脑被偷了
38. Car Accident  车祸
39. Having a Meal at a Professor’s Home  在教授家吃饭
40. Traveling in China  在中国旅游
Chinese-English Vocabulary List
Chinese Characters (lessons 6-40)
Pictures of New Vocabulary and Extra Activities
21. 来&去 suffixed to 6 Verbs of Motion / 7 Verb-compounds as Suffixes
22. Changed Situation / Complete One Action, then Start Another
23. As soon as / Distance / Giving Directions
24. Comparing / If it’s not…, then it’s…
25. REVIEW [Deletion]
26. Comparing / Relative Clauses
27. Occurrence of Recent Events / Except for / ne呢 Questions
28. Imminent Action / Not only …, but also …
29. Frequency / Seeing that …
30. REVIEW [Aspect / le了]
31. Topic / Reduplicated Verb, Adjective and Measure / Because
32. Resultative Verb Endings (Actual)
33. Resultative Verb Endings (Possible)
34. In Addition / Even
35. REVIEW [Chinese & English Word Order Compared / Future]
36. WH-ever / Time How Long
37. Passive / Measuring / Both …and …
38. Present Continuing State / Only a Little
39. Commanding, Requesting & Suggesting
40. REVIEW-- Strict Order /上/下/进jìn /出chū /回/过起+Noun

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