Workbook for Chinese Made Easier 3

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The goal of the student of Chinese Made Easier is to speak Chinese well so as to be able to live and work in China and make friends with Chinese people.

This Workbook complements Chinese Made Easier Book 3. Chinese Made Easier Book 3 introduces you to a wider range of everyday topics as well as taking you ever deeper into the mysteries of Chinese grammar.

The purpose of this Workbook is to help you practice each lesson’s topic, new vocabulary and grammar. After you have prepared a lesson at home and then practiced it with your teacher at school, don’t forget to go outside and use it with your Chinese friends and acquaintances-for what goes in quickly disappears quickly if you don’t use it quickly!

Table of Contents

21. Renting an Apartment   租房子
22. Post Office  邮局
23. Taking a Taxi  坐出租车
24. Buying Clothes  买衣服
25. Buying Food  买吃的东西
Lesson 21—Lesson 25 Characters
26. Buying Daily Necessities  买日用品
27. Seeing a Doctor  看病
28. An Outing  郊游
29. Talking About the Weather  谈天气
30. Banking  银行
Lesson 26—Lesson 30 Characters
31. An Invitation for a Meal  请客
32. Repairing a Bicycle  修理自行车
33. Talking About Education  谈教育
34. Introducing Yourself  自我介绍
35. Learning Chinese  学习汉语
Lesson 31—Lesson 35 Characters
36. Hobbies & Interests  爱好和兴趣
37. My Computer has been Stolen!  我的电脑被偷了
38. Car Accident  车祸
39. Having a Meal at a Professor’s Home  在教授家吃饭
40. Traveling in China  在中国旅游

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Workbook for Chinese Made Easier 3