Chinese Made Easier (Second edition) 5 (With MP3)

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Access vocabulary list to create printable writing worksheets, test papers, puzzles, flashcards and word games

What makes this book different from most other Chinese textbooks published in China?
The content of each lesson is intensely practical. We have assumed that you are living in China and want to communicate on everyday topics as quickly as possible. So only useful vocabulary, immediately relevant to your everyday needs, is included.
We have worked hard at trying to make the grammar explanations as simple and clear as possible, avoiding complicated linguistic terminology.
Each lesson contains an activity related to the topic, in order to get you using the content as quickly as possible.
The reading & writing of Chinese characters is introduced at a manageable pace so you shouldn’t feel too overwhelmed.
Students who have used this textbook in our program have enjoyed the clear grammar explanations and practical content of each lesson. The textbook gives students what they need for daily living in China and hence fuels motivation to learn.
Dr. Howard Kenyon
Sunrise Chinese Language Program
Shaanxi Teacher Training University
Martin Symonds has crated the very textbook I’ve been looking for in China for a long while. With China’s entry into the WTO, there has been an urgent need for a course which is both practical and well structured, yet without the heavy emphasis on writing Chinese characters which most courses in China demand. This is definitely it!
Peter Moore
China Language Training Center

Table of Contents
To the Student +给老师的话
61. Getting up in the Morning   起来
62. In the Office   在办公室
63. Shopping   买东西
64. Eating Out   外出吃饭
65. Medical Attention   看病
66. Sports & Hobbies   休闲活动
67. Festivals   节日
68. Farming   农业
69. Our New Home   我们新家
70. Traveling in China   在中国旅游
pinyin Version of each Story
160 extra Chinese Characters
Chinese Characters (lessons 6-70)
Chinese-English Vocabulary List (61-70)
Pictures of the New Vocabulary
Sample Pages Preview

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