Uproar In Heaven 40th Anniversary Edition (2 DVDs)

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Screenplay by Li Keruo and Wan Laiming. Directed by Wan Laiming. Uproar in Heaven is based on the famous novel, Pilgrimage to the West, the amazing adventures of the monk Xuanzang as he travels westward in search of Buddhist sutras. With him are his three disciples: the irreverent but competent Monkey -- Sun Wukong, the gluttonous Pig -- Zhu Bajie and the dependable Friar Sand -- Sha Heshang. The journey takes the foursome through all kinds of harrowing ordeals and exciting trials as they defend themselves against monsters and spirits hungry for a taste of the monk's flesh. It relates how Sun Wukong borrows the golden cudgel from the Dragon Palace; takes a poor position in Heaven and then is demoted and even gets unfair punishment; and how he is pushed beyond the limit of endurance and makes a big scene in Heaven. Finally Sun returns to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, entitling himself a king equal to Heaven. Uproar in Heaven won the best animation film in the second Hundred Flower Awards and is regarded as one of the most successful animations for it creates a cartoon hero Sun Wukong (monkey king) which has become a household word in China.

Adapted from the ancient Chinese novel Journey to the West", this lively animated film depicts one of the most popular of the Monkey King stories - Fighting the Heavenly Army. The Monkey Sun Wukong, cheated and jeered by the heavenly court, revolts and fights his way to earth to assume his rightful place as king. Follow his adventures, as the Emperor sends his army to catch the Monkey King. Your child will have fun watching this movie, and can learn Chinese at the same time! Just think, your child will be watching the same movies as her/his peers in China.

This DVD is a reproduction of the original animation produced by The Shanghai Animation Film Studios. To learn more about the Chinese traditional epic "Journey to the West":
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Uproar In Heaven 40th Anniversary Edition (2 DVDs)