The Unseen Tibet

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Situated north of the Himalayas is a vast, calm and vital land, simple but boundless…
On this 1,2-million-sq-km area, an unparalleled miracle was passed down for thousands of years. Among its 2.3-million inhabitants, primitiveness and purity lived side by side generation after generation.
Tibet, with an average altitude of 4,000m, is encircled by the Kunlun, Himalaya, Karakorum and Hengduan mountains in the north, south, west and east, respectively, Due to these natural barriers, Tibet has been an unreachable dream for most people.
Even the traveler lucky enough to set foot here will find it impossible to see all the beautiful sites and to taste and feel all that Tibet has to offer. The old woman who mumbles as she rotates her prayer wheel: the child with eyes as clear as the holy lake; the half-naked worshiper who prostrates himself on the ground with every step; the lamas walking in the sunshine… These pictures, against the special background of Tibet, not only record the objects' happiness and sadness at the pressing of the shutter, they also reveal their matchless piety and flesh-and-blood relations with this land. No matter whether they are low or high, common or uncommon, they all have the temperament of the land, and they all partake of the soul of the land -impermanence, happiness, rebirth, comprehensiveness, and other spiritual conditions that we will never experience and that we will never understand..
The Buddha said, "I am present for those who think of me."
Through space and time, with a deep sense of piety, let's enter The Unseen Tibet to begin paying homage to the heart and praying for blessings…
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The Unseen Tibet