The summer palace: a garden museum

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Li Juntao, born in Beijing, is a member of the WritersAssociation of the Bank of China. Once a journalist and editor,he has written and edited articles for such media as EconomicDaily, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Morning Post, Beijing YouthDaily, China Insurance (weekly), China Food Daily, and theXinhua News Agency. Since the 1970s, he has been living nearthe Summer Palace, enhancing his deep attachment to it. Thisbook is his second publication. His first book, My ChocolateWorld, was nominated for the Wenjin Award by National Libraryof China. Email: LJT123@sina.comWu Xiaoping is a member of the Beijing Cultural RelicsProtection Association and a volunteer for the protection ofhistoric sites in Beijing. With his parents, he has been livingnear the Summer Palace since moving there in 1956, when heextended his interest in and study of the Summer Palace. Hehas been invited to write numerous articles on the protectionand research of the Summer Palace, Temple of Azure Clouds,Beijing Botanical Garden, Taoranting Park and other sites inthe outskirts of Beijing. He has a special interest in the SummerPalace, and has collected and organized a vast trove of historicalmaterials. Due to his distinctive approach to heritage protection,many of the photographs taken by him were chosen by theSummer Palace Management Office. His blog has also exerted agreat influence in the field of garden art and heritage protectionin Beijing. Blog address:

Table of Contents
Garden Clusters
Surrouding Sights
Summer Resort
Historical Context
A Garden of the Country
A Garden of the World
Touring Routes
East Palace Gate
New Palace Gate
North Palace Gate
North Side Gate
South Side Gate
West Palace Gate
Scenic Areas
Hall and Pavilion Area
Long Corridor Area
Central Axis Area
Lake Area
Clear Lake
South Lake
West Lake
Back Lake
Islands and Isles
Source of the Beijing Water System
Hill Area
East Hill
West Hill
Front Hill
Back Hill
Clear Zither Gorge and Jade Zither Gorge
Imperial Streets
Gullies and Valleys
Farming and Weaving Area
Arch of Mistry Waves and Hidden Greenery, East Palace Gate
Arch of Mercy and Blessing, North Palace Gate
Arch of Cloud and Jade Pahce, Hall of Dispelling Clouds
Arch of Benevolance and Longeviry, Hall of Benevolence and Longevity
Arch of All Buddhist
Temples and Jetavana, Sea of Intellect
Arch of Precious Clouds,Pavilion of Precious Clouds
Stone Bridges
Seventeen—Arch Bridge
West Causeway's Six Bridges
Jiehu Bridge
Binfeng Bridge
Jade Belt Bridge
Mirror Bridge
White Silk Bridge
Willow Bridge
Wavy Tapestry Bridge
Xing Bridge
Gate of Wenchang
Cate of Purple Breeze from the East
Cate of Thousands of Lush Mountains
Cate of Dawn Sunshine and Autumn Woods
Gate of Distam Lodge
Cate of Perpetual Cloud Eaves
Open Pavilions
Pavilion of Broad Vistas
Spring—Perceiving Pavilion
Pavilion of the Little World
Six Pavilions of the Garden of Harmonious Interesrs
Seven Pavilions of the East Hill
Hui Pavilion
Hanxijl Pavilion
Pavilion of True Lake and Mountain
Storied Buildings and Pavilions
Tower of Buddhist Fragrance
Hall of Utmost Bleksing
Pavilion of Clear Brilliance (Strolling Through a Picture Scroll)
Chenghuai Pavilion
Hall of Misty Waves (Moon—Gazing Pavilion)
Tower of Brighr Scenery
Hall of Benevolence and Longevity
Hall of Dispelling Clouds
Hall of Pleasure
Hall of jade Ripples
Hall of Joy and Longevity
Hall of Clear Views
Hall of Serenity
Floral—Pendant Gates
Scone Carvings
Kunlun Stone Stele
Carved Stone Animals
Bridge Railings and Columns
Stone Sutra Pillars
The Marble Boat
Calligraphy Stone Inscriptions
Stone Pedestals
Stone Carvings on Plaques and Couplets
Cliff Carvings
Bronze Art Ware
Bronze Lions
The Water—Quelling Golden Ox (Bronze Ox)
The Bronze Statue of Thousand—Hand Avalokitesvara Bodhisatva
Pavilion of Precious Clouds (Bronze Pavilion)
The Gold—Gilded Bronze Kylin
The Bronze Dragon and Phoenix
Glazing Techniques
Colored Paintings
Assorted Windows
Cultural Relics in the Summer Palace
Visitors' Guide
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of The summer palace: a garden museum (ISBN:9787119106090)
Sample pages of The summer palace: a garden museum (ISBN:9787119106090)
Sample pages of The summer palace: a garden museum (ISBN:9787119106090)
Sample pages of The summer palace: a garden museum (ISBN:9787119106090)

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The summer palace: a garden museum