Summer Palace

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Table of Contents
A Brief Introduction to the Summer Palace 
Part Ⅰ The Clear Ripple Garden 
Chapter Ⅰ The Construction Process and Historical Background 
[1] An Imperial Order from Emperor Qianlong 
[2] The Um Hill and the West Lake 
[3] The Clear Ripple Garden 
[4] The Motivation for the Project 
[5] The Gigantic ProjectChapter Ⅱ The General Layout and Spatial Structure 
[1] The West Lake Obsession 
[2] The Landform Reconstruction 
[3] The Six Bridges of West Causeway 
[4] The Lingering Flavors of Graceful Qiantang 
[5] Fusion of Hill Sceneries and Waterscapes 
Chapter Ⅲ The Court Area and Front Hill Buildings 
[1] The Diligence Hall and Joyful Longevity 
[2] Long Corridor 
[3] The Temple of Immense Gratitude and Longevity 
[4] The Towering Pavilion 
[5] The Glazed World 
[6] A Strollin Paintings 
Chapter Ⅳ Sceneries of the Front Lake and the Rear Hill and Back River 
[1] On Kunming Lake 
[2] Fairy Mountains on the Ocean 
[3] Sinuous Stream Flows to Serene Place 
[4] Rear Hill Sceneries 
[5] Waterfront Buy-and-Sell Streets 
[6] The Sumeru Wise Land 
[7] The Colorful Pagoda 
Chapter Ⅴ The Charming Design Concept 
[1] Landscape Miniaturization 
[2] Rockworks and Artificial Hills 
[3] Majestic Passes 
[4] Cultivation of Garden Plants 
[5] Sceneries Borrowed from the Outside 
[6] Symbolic Meanings and Morals 
[7] Tourist Land Ways and Water Routes 
Part ⅡThe Summer Palace 
Chapter Ⅵ The Reconstruction Process and Historical Background 
[1] The Weather-beaten Royal Garden 
[2] A Birthday Gift for Empress Dowager 
[3] The Restoration and Reconstruction 
[4] An Ingenious Masterpiece 
[5] The Wuxu Reform and Gengzi Indemnity 
List of Illustrations
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Sample pages of Summer Palace (ISBN:730229089X, 9787302290896) 

Sample pages of Summer Palace (ISBN:730229089X, 9787302290896) 

in the capital city in north China.Apart fromthose imitations of the West Lake,there arequite a few buildings and sceneries createdby imitating famous attractions across thecountry.The Clear Ripple Garden is really aselected collection of picturesque views withprofound symbolic purports(Fig.5-01). 
Close to the bank on the southeast ofKunming Lake there is a small islet calledthe Phoenix Mound.There stands a PhoenixTower.Emperor Qianlong has a poem,whichreads,"These rocks are imitations of theYellow Mound/on which stands PhoenixTower./Alternating seasons have beenreplaced by long long autumn./Reflectingthe landscape the lake is a mirror".Thispoem proves that the islet is an imitation of theYellow Mound.The Yellow Mound(Fig.5-02)is also an islet.It is small and round,located inthe Grand Canal at the foot of Huishan Hill ofWuxi in Jiangsu Province.There stand templebuildings on the islet from which visitorscould see Huishan Hill,Xisfian Hill andLongguang Pagoda on the top.The PhoenixMound of the Clear Ripple Garden is smalland round in shape and has a pavilion on it.Looking westward across the water visitorscould see the Jade Spring Hill,West Hill andthe Jade Peak Pagoda on its top.The PhoenixMound is highly similar to the YellowMound of Wuxi in terms of shape,locationand environment. 
It is clear that the south section ofthe West Causeway has been widenedas if a rectangular island joined the longcauseway here.There used to stand theTower of Clear View.According to EmperorQianlong's poem this tower is a copy ofthe Yueyang Tower at the Dongting Lakeof Hunan Province(Fig.5-03).The name"Clear View" comes directly from a famousarticle titled On The Yueyang Tower byFan Zhongyan of Song Dynasty.
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