Summer Palace

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Author: Jia Jun;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 316
Publication Date: 10/2012
ISBN: 730229089X, 9787302290896
Table of Contents
A Brief Introduction to the Summer Palace 
Part Ⅰ The Clear Ripple Garden 
Chapter Ⅰ The Construction Process and Historical Background 
[1] An Imperial Order from Emperor Qianlong 
[2] The Um Hill and the West Lake 
[3] The Clear Ripple Garden 
[4] The Motivation for the Project 
[5] The Gigantic ProjectChapter Ⅱ The General Layout and Spatial Structure 
[1] The West Lake Obsession 
[2] The Landform Reconstruction 
[3] The Six Bridges of West Causeway 
[4] The Lingering Flavors of Graceful Qiantang 
[5] Fusion of Hill Sceneries and Waterscapes 
Chapter Ⅲ The Court Area and Front Hill Buildings 
[1] The Diligence Hall and Joyful Longevity 
[2] Long Corridor 
[3] The Temple of Immense Gratitude and Longevity 
[4] The Towering Pavilion 
[5] The Glazed World 
[6] A Strollin Paintings 
Chapter Ⅳ Sceneries of the Front Lake and the Rear Hill and Back River 
[1] On Kunming Lake 
[2] Fairy Mountains on the Ocean 
[3] Sinuous Stream Flows to Serene Place 
[4] Rear Hill Sceneries 
[5] Waterfront Buy-and-Sell Streets 
[6] The Sumeru Wise Land 
[7] The Colorful Pagoda 
Chapter Ⅴ The Charming Design Concept 
[1] Landscape Miniaturization 
[2] Rockworks and Artificial Hills 
[3] Majestic Passes 
[4] Cultivation of Garden Plants 
[5] Sceneries Borrowed from the Outside 
[6] Symbolic Meanings and Morals 
[7] Tourist Land Ways and Water Routes 
Part ⅡThe Summer Palace 
Chapter Ⅵ The Reconstruction Process and Historical Background 
[1] The Weather-beaten Royal Garden 
[2] A Birthday Gift for Empress Dowager 
[3] The Restoration and Reconstruction 
[4] An Ingenious Masterpiece 
[5] The Wuxu Reform and Gengzi Indemnity 
List of Illustrations
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Summer Palace