The Official Album of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (2 CDs)

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  • Language: Chinese & English
  • Format: 3 CDs
  • Publication Date: 05/2008
  • ISBN: 9787799918433
  • Publisher: SONY BMG

The 2008 Beijing Olympics are approaching with gigantic steps. Millions of sports fans all over the globe are waiting in anticipation for this big event that takes place every four years. While the Olympics torch makes its way all across the globe, more and more music written in celebration of the games can be heard, some of which can be found on this double CD combo. First of all there is the one year countdown song We Are Ready which was composed by Hong Kong songwriter Peter Kam, penned by Keith Chen, and sung by an ensemble of 133 artists. Among these are Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Gigi Leung, and Leo Ku from Hong Kong; Elva Hsiao, David Huang, and Chris Yu from Taiwan; and Bibi Zhou, Chris Lee, Jane Zhang, Pu Shu, Wang Feng, and Huang Xiaoming from Mainland China to name only a few. Music fans can also look forward to contributions like Jay Chou's "Challenging A Far Distance and Countless Obstacles" (CD A - Track 4), Leehom Wang's One World One Dream, and Andy Lau's Everyone Is No. 1. Moreover, the Chinese and English versions of Forever Friends performed by A-Mei Chang and Sun Nan and Coco Lee and Sun Nan, respectively, have also been included on The Official Album For Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Singer Name(s):

China Various Artists | Andy Lau | Emil Chau | A-Mei Chang | Nicholas Tse | Coco Lee | Jackie Chan | Natasha Na | Wang Lee Hom | Joey Yung | Sun Nan | David Huang | Stefanie Sun | Jay Chou | Wang Feng | Han Hong | Wei Wei | Liu Huan | Dai Yu Chen | Yu Quan | Xu Yang | Tan Jing | Bibi Zhou | Jane Zhang 

Table of Contents

CD 1
01 北京欢迎你(群星)
02 Forever Friends(中文)(孙楠 张惠妹)
03 点燃激情 传递梦想(四人版)
04 千山万水(周杰伦)
05 天空 (谭晶)
06 超越(徐洋 师鹏)
07 梦想在望(周笔畅)
08 许愿的心(英文版)(黄大炜)
09 同在蓝色星球上(容祖儿 谢霆锋)
10 英雄 (游鸿明)
11 梦想的光芒 (汪峰)
12 Forever Friends(英文)(孙楠 李玟)
CD 2
01 We are ready (群星)
02 Everyone is No.1(刘德华)
03 我是明星 (周华健)
04 One world One dream(王力宏)
05 同一个世界 同一个梦想(刘欢 那英)
06 我们的梦 (汪峰)
07 荣光 (郭蓉)
08 一起飞 (潭晶 阎维文)
09 为生命喝彩 (韩红 羽泉)
10 站起来 (群星)
11 北京北京我爱北京 (关喆)
12 人类是一家 (韦唯、戴玉强)

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