Going for Gold: Hong Kong-Olympic Co-Host City

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Many in Hong Kong have fond and vivid memories of the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics, especially the joy of seeing the Games held on Chinese soil for the first time and Hong Kong's pride in being the co-host city for the equestrian events.
It is a measure of The Hong Kong Jockey Club's commitment to the Olympics and Hong Kong that, when the IOC and FEI were about to reach a decision on the co-host city for the equestrian events in mid-2005, they raced against time to develop a plan to build and fund the venues within a week.
In this plan, they set ourselves two primary objectives: to build the best-ever Olympic equestrian venues, and to create a lasting legacy for Hong Kong. Judging from the many positive comments received from athletes and equestrian professionals worldwide. Moreover, the whole process was accomplished in only two years, a remarkable feat by Olympic standards and a tribute to Hong Kong's "can do" spirit.
The Club is honoured to have been named 'Outstanding Contributor to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Equestrian Events" in recognition of its support.
This commemorative album is intended as part of this legacy, capturing all the highlights, excitement, glory and happiness the equestrian events brought to so many people-from the day they started constructing the venues to the last flight that took the competing horses back to their home countries.
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Going for Gold: Hong Kong-Olympic Co-Host City