Chinese Express-Talk Chinese (With 2CD)

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This book is designed for English speakers studying Chinese at beginner's level. It is for university students who choose Chinese as a module, people who join evening courses at universities or community colleges, and students who want a suitable book for self-study.

It is a book which should be as easy for students to study as for teachers to use. It is different from other textbooks insofar as Pinyin,Chinese characters and English are used together throughout the whole book. This will suit students who only need to learn listening or speaking as much as those who want to learn reading and writing as well.

Chinese Express-Talk Chinese uses a communicative approach and places emphasis on learning communication skills. 188 key sentences make up the main structure of the book, around which situational dialogues are introduced, covering the most useful situations in real life. Language Points are explained in simple English and set out in a logical step-by-step order that is easy to understand. This is designed to give students the opportunity to gain confidence in using the most common vocabulary and grammar relevant to everyday situations.

Chinese Express-Talk Chinese (With 2CD)