Chinese Express: Practise Chinese

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The book is a sequel of "Chinese Express: Talk Chinese". It continuously uses Pinyin, Chinese characters, and English as the way to teach but new contents and forms are added in. There are changes both in depth and breadth of the its corpus. And based on life corpus, it puts emphasis on the practicability of the content, popularity of the language, and the generality of topics. Particularly, it integrates some hard grammars in Elementary Chinese and Middle Chinese, providing teachers teaching material. Also, it gives convenience to students from beginners to higher level to improve their communication ability in Chinese.
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Having Arrived in Beijing
Lesson 2 On the Way
Lesson 3 At the Hotel
Lesson 4 Going to the Canteen
Lesson 5 The Streets in Beijing
Lesson 6 Summary for Lessons 1-5
Lesson 7 At the Bank
Lesson 8 Making Phone Calls
Lesson 9 Being a Guest
Lesson 10 At the Hospital
Lesson 11 Modem Transportation in Beijing
Lesson 12 Summary for Lessons 7-11
Lesson 13 At the Shopping Centre
Lesson 14 Keeping Fit
Lesson 15 Talking about Education
Lesson 16 At the Tea House
Lesson 17 The Parks in Beijing
Lesson 18 Summary for Lessons 13-17
Lesson 19 Various 'Bars'
Lesson 20 Emergency Calls
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Chinese Express: Practise Chinese