Study Guide to Chinese B Writing Assessment HL 2

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Study Guide to Chinese B Writing Assessment (two volumes) was compiled by teachers with many years of IB teaching experience. The books are for students attending the Chinese B course of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and for instructors teaching the course. Closely following the latest IBDP Language B Guide, these books cover five themes and align with new writing assessment requirements. With abundant and fine writing samples, exercises, and writing tests, they aim to help students write good Chinese compositions from the understanding of the topics, making clear the purpose of writing and organizing the composition. Meanwhile, the books help student with proper word choice, sentence patterns, and the organization of writing materials. The books are the scaffold for students who want to improve their Chinese writing as well as providing teachers the necessary materials for preparing their lessons.
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Study Guide to Chinese B Writing Assessment HL 2