Strenth Foundation of Railway Vehicles

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 An Overview of Railway Vehicles
1.1 Classification and Purposes of Railway Vehicles
1.2 Basic Composition of a Railway Vehicle

Chapter 2 Basic Principles and Applications of Finite Element Method
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Mathematical Solution Principle of Finite Element Analysis
2.3 Finite Element Analysis of Member Structure
2.4 Elastic Mechanics Basis of Plane Problems
2.5 Finite Element Analysis of Plane Problems
2.6 Finite Element Method of Space Problems
2.7 Finite Element Method of Thin Plate Bending Problems
2.8 Finite Element Analysis of Shell Structure

Chapter 3 Details of Finite Element Modeling and Introduction to ANSYS Software
3.1 Basic Process of Finite Element Simulation Analysis
3.2 Introduction to the Operation of ANSYS Software
3.3 Application Examples of ANSYS Software

Chapter 4 Basic Theory of Vehicle Structure Strength
4.1 History of Fatigue Researches
4.2 Characteristics of Fatigue Failure
4.3 Appearance Characteristics of Fatigue Fractures
4.4 Fatigue Properties of Metals
4.5 Cumulative Fatigue Damage Theory
4.6 Theoretical Basis of Strength Design

Chapter 5 Specification for Strength Design of EMU
5.1 Specification for Strength Design of Welded Bogie Frame of EMU
5.2 Specification for Strength Design of EMU Car Body
5.3 Examples of Bogie Frame and Car Body Strength Analysis
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Strenth Foundation of Railway Vehicles