Stories Behind Chinese Dishes

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The Chinese are a people who are fond of cuisine,such as Man-Han Banquet, snacks in imperial courtand Sichuan cuisine and who are good at variouscooking skills, such as steaming, boiling, frying, stir-frying, quick-frying, deep-frying, roasting, pickling,stewing and smoking, etc. Whenever you ask a man onthe road for the name of fine food, he will probably sayof the names of many yummy dishes which are boundto make people lick their lips.

About Author
Cai Yuxi,scholar and Well-known publisher, former president of Yilin Press.NOW he is the vice president of Jiangsu Instituteof Modern Literature and the general managerof Nanjing Phoenix Palace Hotel with richculture contents. His works include book seriesof Chinese Literati's food, clothing, shelter andtransportation, and On the Terrace of Phoenixes,etc.
Table of Contents
Prologue A Delicacy Nation with a Long History
Chapter 1 Characteristics of Chinese Cuisine
Beauty of Chinese Cuisine
Unique Gastronomy
Rich Culture Contents
Two Origins

Chapter 2 Schools of Chinese Cuisine
Shandong Cuisine
Sichuan Cuisine
Jiangsu Cuisine
Guangdong Cuisine
Fujian Cuisine
Zhejiang Cuisine
Hunan Cuisine
Anhui Cuisine

Chapter 3 People and Anecdotes Related with Chinese Cuisine
Jiaozi (Dumplings) and Zhang Zhongjing
Jiaozi and Wang Xizhi
Dongpo Rou (Dongpo Pork) and Su Dongpo
Kung Pao Chicken and Ding Baozhen
The Story of Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)
Who Invented Ma Po Tofu?
Beggar's Chicken and Emperor Qian Long
Beijing Roast Duck and Quan Ju De
West Lake Vinegar Fish and Sister Song
Chapter 4 Chinese Catering Culture

Beauty of Tableware
Beauty of Form
Beauty of Ax-tistic Practicality
Beauty of Environment
Beauty of Vista

Chapter 5 The Developing Chinese Cuisine
When Chinese Cuisine Met Western Cuisine
The New Highlights of Chinese Cuisine
Brief Introduction
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Sample pages of Stories Behind Chinese Dishes (ISBN:9787208088740)

Sample pages of Stories Behind Chinese Dishes (ISBN:9787208088740)
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Stories Behind Chinese Dishes