Shield Tunnel Cutter Replacement Technology

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Table of Contents
1 Introduction
1.1 The Development and Application of Shield Tunneling Technology
1.2 The Severity and Universality of Tool Wear in Shield Engineering in Complex Stratum
1.3 The Key Technology of Restoring Shield Tunneling--Tool Replacement Technology
2 Cutting, Wear and Replacement of Cutting Tools During Shield Tunneling
2.1 Types and Arrangements of Shield Cutterhead and Tool
2.1.1 Shield Cutterhead Type
2.1.2 Type of Shield Cutter
2.1.3 Arrangement of Shield Cutter Head
2.2 Cutting and Wear of Tools
2.2.1 Cutting Mechanism of Shield Tool
2.2.2 Wear Types and Examples of Shield Cutting Tools
2.2.3 Analysis on the Causes of Tool Wear of Shield Machine
2.2.4 Tool Wear Monitoring Method for Shield Machine
2.3 Shield Opening Technology
2.3.1 Brief Introduction of Shield Tunnel Opening
2.3.2 Common Opening Technology of Shield Tunnel
2.3.3 Brief Introduction of Typical Shield Tunnel Opening Examples at Home and Abroad
2.3.4 Summary and Prospect of Shield Opening Technology
2.3.5 Tool Replacement Technology of Shield Machine
3 Conventional Cutterhead and Tool-Changing Under Normal Pressure Technology
3.1 Self-stabilizing Stratum Tool-Changing Technology
3.2 Reinforcement Stratum Tool-Changing Technology
3.2.1 Rotary Jet Reinforcement Technology
3.2.2 Deep Mixing and Reinforcement Technology
3.2.3 Freezing Method Construction Technology
3.2.4 Shaft Reinforcement Technology
3.2.5 Underground Continuous Wall Reinforcement Technology
3.2.6 Comparison of Several Techniques
3.3 Normal Pressure Tool Change Technology
3.3.1 Tool Change Process
3.3.2 Shield Cutter Tool Welding Process
3.3.3 The Contents of the Cutter Repair
3.4 Example of the Yellow River Tunnel in the Middle Route
of the South-To-North Water Transfer Project
3.4.1 Project Overview
3.4.2 Introduction to Downtime
3.4.3 Guarantee the Stability Measures of the Excavation Face
3.4.4 Excavation Support
3.4.5 Cutterhead and Tool Repair
4 Normal Pressure Tool Change Technology Based on Basic Pressure and Changeable Knife Design
4.1 Introduction of Normal Pressure Changer Technology Based on Normal Pressure Replaceable Knife Design
4.1.1 Principle of the Process of Changing the Knife Under Constant Pressure
4.1.2 Features of the Normal Pressure-for-Knife Method
4.2 Normal Pressure Replaceable Cutting Plate Structure Design and Layout
4.3 Removal and Installation of Normal Pressure Replaceable Tools
4.3.1 Safety Points for Tool Replacement
4.3.2 Tool Inspection and Replacement Plan
4.3.3 The Process of Changing the Knife Under Constant Pressure
4.4 Example Swords-Off of Normal Pressure Opening in the Cross-river Section of Wuhan Metro Line
4.4.1 Engineering Overview and Geological Conditions
4.4.2 Shield Basic Parameters and Characteristics
4.4.3 Shutdown Position and Knife Change Plan
4.4.4 Atmospheric Pressure Changing Process and Program
5 Stabilization Technology and Tool Change Technology for Open Face with Pressure Open
5.1 Pressure Opening and Opening Face Stability Technology
5.1.1 Mud Preparation Technology
5.1.2 Mud Film Forming Technology
5.1.3 Stable Excavation Face Technology Based on Mud Membrane Closed Gas
5.2 Pressure-Opening Tool Changer
5.2.1 Diving Operation
5.2.2 With Pressure into the Cabin
5.2.3 Pressure Change Tool Technical Produces
5.3 Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel (Wei 7 Road) Example of Conventional Compressed Air Pressure Opening and Changing
5.3.1 Overview of the Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel Project
5.3.2 Analysis Process of Shield Tunneling and Shutdown of Nanjing Yangtze Tunnel
5.3.3 Control of Stability of Excavation Face when Opening
5.3.4 With Pressure Open Cabin Changer Implementation
5.3.5 O
Shield Tunnel Cutter Replacement Technology