Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2004 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)

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Language: English and Chinese
Format: 1 Book + 1 CD-ROM
Page: 466
Publication Date: 06/2004
ISBN: 7503743239
I. Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2004 contains comprehensive statistics of Shanghai's social and economic development in 2003 and selected data of some important years and of the period since China adopted the policy of reform and opening to the outside world.

II. The book is composed of 20 parts. They include: 1. General Survey; 2. National Economic Accounting 3. Population and Labour Force; 4. Living Standards; 5. Prices; 6. Investment in Fixed Assets; 7. Urban Construction; 8. Foreign Economic Relations, Trade and Tourism ; 9. Fiscal, Financial and Insurance; 10. Agriculture; 11. Industry ; 12. Construction; 13. Transportation, Posts and Information Transmission; 14. Retail and Wholesale ; 15. Energy ; 16. Science and Technology; 17. Education and Culture; 18. Health and Sports; 19. Laws, Notary, Social Welfare and Others; 20. Pudong New Area. Interpretation of major statistical indicators attached is a useful tool for readers of this book.

Ill. The international standard unit of measurement is applied in this book.

IV. The prices used in calculation in this book are current prices.

V. Statistical discrepancies in this book due to rounding are not adjusted.

VI. Marks in this book: ... means not large enough to be rounded into the least unit of measurement; blank space means data are not available; # indicates major item in a category.

VII. In any case the data of this book shall be deemed as the authentic ones.

VII. Previous editions of Shanghai Statistical Yearbook have won wide acclaim among the readers. In order to excel, we welcome all candid comments and criticism from our readers.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 General Survey

Chapter 2 National Economic Accounting

Chapter 3 Population and Labour Force

Chapter 4 Living Standards

Chapter 5 Prices

Chapter 6 Investment in Fixed Assets

Chapter 7 Urban Construction

Chapter 8 Foreign Economic Relations, Trade and Tourism

Chapter 9 Fiscal, Financial and Insurance

Chapter 10 Agriculture

Chapter 11 Industry

Chapter 12 Construction

Chapter 13 Transportation, Posts and Information Transmission

Chapter 14 Retail and Wholesale

Chapter 15 Energy

Chapter 16 Science and Technology

Chapter 17 Education and Culture

Chapter 18 Health and Sports

Chapter 19 Laws, Notary, Social Welfare and Others

Chapter 20 Pudong New Area

Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2004 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)