Shanghai Pudong Statistical Yearbook 2006

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Statistical Yearbook of Shanghai Pudong New Area (PNA) 2006 is a large, comprehensive reference book. With great amount of data and in both Chinese and English versions, it records recent years' social and economic development in PNA. It describes the changes in economy, science and technology, functional zones in PNA's new stage of growth both in infrastructure and functional developments in 2005. it is a desktop tool-book meant for leaders at all levels, theorists, practitioners, and people at home and abroad who are interested in PNA, want to do research work on Pudong and intend to participate in its development and its construction.
Table of Contents
Abstract P1
Chapter 1. General Survey P10
Chapter 2. Population and Workforce P36
Chapter 3. People’s livelihood P54
Chapter 4. Investment in Fixed Assets P78
Chapter 5. Agriculture P88
Chapter 6. Industry P104
Chapter 7. Construction P146
Chapter 8. Real EstateP152
Chapter 9. Domestic Commerce and Catering Trade P168
Chapter 10. Foreign Trade and Tourism P182
Chapter 11. Finance and Banking P194
Chapter 12. Factor Markets P202
Chapter 13, Business Promotion and Foreign Fund Attraction P208
Chapter 14. Functional Zones P216
Chapter 15. Urban Construction P238
Chapter 16. Science and technology P248
Chapter 17 Education and Culture, Sports and Public Health P264
Chapter 18 Statistics of Shanghai Municipality P280
Appendix I. The 15th Anniversary of Pudong's Opening up and Development P294
Appendix II. Official Journals of Economic Census P322
Appendix III. Explanatory Notes on Major Statistical Indicators P350
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Shanghai Pudong Statistical Yearbook 2006