Shanghai Pudong Statistical Yearbook 2005 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)

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I. Statistical Yearbook of Shanghai Pudong New Area (PNA) is a large, comprehensive reference book. With great amount of data and in both Chinese and English versions, it records recent years’ social and economic development in PNA. It also describes the changes in economy, science and technology, major development zones in PNA’s new stage of growth both in infrastructure and functional developments in 2004. It is a desktop tool-book meant for leaders at all levels, theorists, practitioners, and people at home and abroad who are interested in PNA, want to do research work on Pudong and intend to participate in its development and construction.
II. This book falls into seventeen chapters:
1. General Survey;
2. Population and Workforce;
3. People's Living Standards;
4. Investment in Fixed Assets;
5. Industry;
6. Agriculture;
7. Construction;
8. Real Estate;
9. Domestic Commerce and Catering Trade;
10. Foreign Trade and Tourism;
11. Finance and Banking;
12. Factor Markets;
13. Business Promotion and Foreign Funds Attraction;
14. Domains and Development Zones;
15. Urban Constructions;
16. Science and Technology, Education, Culture, Sports and Public Health;
17. Major Statistics of Shanghai Municipality;
III. The data related to the part of economic survey in this book are for flash report. And the unit of measurement in this book is consistent with international standards.
IV. No adjustment has been made to correct the deviations of some of the figures in the Yearbook caused by different methods used in rounding.
V. In November 1995, PNA established the town system, replacing the former village system. Villages are supervised by towns in the town system. Therefore, in this book, the meanings of “town” and “town and town-above industry” are the same as “village” and “village and village -above industry” in any other Chinese statistical books.
VI. Notations used in the Yearbook
“#” indicates the major item of a certain indicator;
“...” indicates the figure which is too small to be measured by the smallest unit in the table;
“blank” indicates the data unavailable.
VII. According to the certain regulations for the GDP accounting and data publishing system formulated by the State Council and the State Statistical Bureau, GDP in PNA will be renamed as " Gross Value of Production in PNA " since the year of 2004.
VIII. All kinds of added value and the absolute number of gross output value in this yearbook have been calculated on the basis of the prices at that exact year, and the growth rate is calculated according to the comparable prices.
IX. If any reader finds there are some deviations when consulting to this yearbook, please take this book as the correct data.
Table of Contents
Abstract 1
Chapter 1 General Survey 10
Chapter 2 Population and Workforce 32
Chapter 3 People's livelihood 48
Chapter 4 Investment in Fixed Assets 72
Chapter 5 Industry 82
Chapter 6 Agriculture 122
Chapter 7 Construction 138
Chapter 8 Real Estate 144
Chapter 9 Domestic Commerce and Catering Trade 160
Chapter 10 Foreign Trade and Tourism 172
Chapter 11 Finance and Banking 184
Chapter 12 Factor Markets 192
Chapter 13 Business Promotion and Foreign-Fund Attraction 200
Chapter 14 Functional Zones and Development Zones 208
Chapter 15 Urban Construction 218
Chapter 16 Science and Technology, Education and Culture, Sports and Public Health 228
Chapter 17 Statistics of Shanghai Municipality 248
Sub-district Economy and Town Economy 262
Explanatory Notes on Major Statistical Indicators 270
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Shanghai Pudong Statistical Yearbook 2005 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)