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Control Theory for Parctical Applications
ISBN: 9787313299796 | Published on 01/2024

Dao De Jing
ISBN: 9787313256904 | Published on 11/2021
Aiming for Dao, based on De, relying on Ren (benevolence), and roaming around Yi (the six arts) - Confucius  Should I learn Dao in the morning,...

Technology News Chinese to English Translation
ISBN: 9787313249821 | Published on 12/2021

Folk Houses South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 9787313058713 | Published on 09/2009 | Series: Architectural Culture South of the Yangtze
For the purpose of collecting data, the author visitedmany villages in the region south of the Yangtze to makeon-the-spot investigations of hundreds...

Buddhist Monastery South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 7313063466,9787313063465 | Published on 04/2010 | Series: Architectural Culture South of the Yangtze
The building of the Buddhist monastery is an important component of Chinese ancient architectural culture. Its architectural location,architectural...

Confucian Temples South of the Tangtze
ISBN: 7313063709, 9787313063700 | Published on 06/2010 | Series: Architectural Culture South of the Yangtze
About Author 张亚祥,Born in 1965, Mr. ZHANG Ya xiang graduated from Shandong Institute of Architecture and Engineering in1988 and got a bachelor's...

English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Law (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 7313028911,9787313028914 | Published on 02/2011
... more info

Wood Construction South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 9787313058485 | Published on 08/2009
The author of this book relied on field study and documents as basic methods of research, including over ten years of travel through the region south...

Array Signal Processing and Space-Tiem Two-Dimensional Signal Processing
ISBN: 9787313262769 | Published on 02/2023

China's technology innovators selected cases on creating and staying ahead of business trends
ISBN: 9787313175847 | Published on 08/2017

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