Dao De Jing

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Aiming for Dao, based on De, relying on Ren (benevolence), and roaming around Yi (the six arts)
- Confucius 
Should I learn Dao in the morning, I would not regret dying in the evening.
- Confucius 

About the Translator
Professor Alan Du, Research Fellow and Academic Development Director, International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University; Research Fellow and Associate Dean, Hanjin Academy of Classical Chinese Culture, East China Normal University. Director and Deputy Secretary General, Chinese Society for Religious Studies; Chairman of the Board, Institute for Studies of Globalizing Civilizations, Zhejiang University. Main fields of academic studies: traditional Chinese culture, world religions and cross-religion studies. Major publications include The Way of Rational Faith (《理性信仰之道》), The Truth by and about Lao Zi ( 《老子指真》), The Development and Future of Religion in the Era of Globalization (《全球化时代宗教的发展与未来》), The Orientation of Religion and Human Civilization (《宗教与 人类文明的发展取向》) .
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Dao De Jing