Shadow Play

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Table of Contents
1 About shadow play 关于皮影戏
2 Models and structures of shadow puppets 皮影的造型与结构
2.1 Design and roles造型与角色
2.2 Head and body头茬与身子
2.3 Five facial features五官
2.4 Patterns图案
2.5 Carving雕镂
2.6 Colors色彩
2.7 Other figures其他造型
2.8 Structure结构
2.9 Handicraft technique工艺制作
3 DIY shadow play自制影戏
3.1 DIY shadow puppets自制影人
3.2 Performance操纵表演
3.3 DIY stage自制舞台
4 Play scripts参考剧本
4.1 The fox and the tiger 狐假虎威
4.2 The crow and the fox 乌鸦与狐狸
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Shadow Play (ISBN:9787040332131)
Sample pages of Shadow Play (ISBN:9787040332131)

If you are provided with a translucent white screen, several shadow puppets and an oil lamp, can you do a fascinating show with them?
More than two thousand years ago, Chinese began to give performances using puppets against an illuminated screen. That is "shadow play", also known as "lamp and shadow play". It is considered "the precursor of movie" because it was the earliest moving art form dubbed with human voice in the world.
During a play, puppeteers hide themselves behind the white screen and move the puppets, while narrating the story, usually through singing. Performances are accompanied by musicians playing percussion and stringed instruments.
Shadow play combines traditional Chinese plastic art and performing art as well as the arts of painting, paper cutting, local opera, and ventriloquism.
Shadow Play