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"The Belt and Road" Rail Transit Series Planning Textbook: Rail Vehicle Manufacturing
ISBN: 9787113287061 | Publisher: China Railway Publishing House | Published on 02/2022

3D Smart PACS and Related Graphics & Image Technology
ISBN: 9787313254566 | Publisher: Shanghai Jiaotong University Press | Published on 10/2021
About Author Lu Difei (1972-,Ph.D.), a professor of Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Researchinterests include computer...

A Century-Long Dream of Science
ISBN: 9787119129112 | Publisher: Foreign Languages Press | Published on 12/2021
The 20th century was a time of incredible change in China. My generation felt lucky and blessed to be born in the 20th century, survive its...

A Computational Model of Sound Percept
ISBN: 9787568412568 | Publisher: Jiangsu University Press | Published on 12/2019
This book reports on an investigation based around a number of studies that use computational statistical pattern recognition and machine learning...

A Concise Course to Linear Algebra
ISBN: 9787122345134 | Publisher: Chemical Industry Press | Published on 09/2019
The matrix is the mainline of the book. With the help of the matrix operation and the matrix simplification, we study the linear equations, the...

A Concise Textbook of Fluid Mechanic
ISBN: 9787502487829 | Publisher: Metallurgical Industry Press | Published on 04/2021

A Decade of Achievements - APFNet 10 Year Anniversary
ISBN: 9787503894848 | Publisher: China Forestry Press | Published on 01/2018

A Dictionary for English Translation of Railway Technical Standard
ISBN: 9787113238575 | Publisher: China Railway Publishing House | Published on 04/2018

A dictionary of genus and family of Inner Mongolia seed plants (Chinese, English and Mongolian)
ISBN: 9787555513919 | Publisher: Yuanfang Publishing House | Published on 08/2021

A Fundamental Course for Artificial Intelligence
ISBN: 9787302578062 | Publisher: Tsinghua University Press | Published on 05/2021

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