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Research on Mullti UACs Formation Detection nd Its Extensions in Control Theory
ISBN: 9787502488222 | Published on 06/2021
In Chapter 1 the idea of multi UAVs formation anomaly detection is proposed there, and its relations with system identification, advanced control...

Distributed Formation Control of Clustered VTOL UAVs
ISBN: 9787502490980 | Published on 03/2022
There are nine chapters in this book. The first chapter gives some introduction. The second chapter gives some mathematical preliminaries for the...

Comparison between Chinese and Western Cultures (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787502475437 | Published on 08/2017
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New Technology of Unconventional Metallurgy
ISBN: 9787502468668 | Published on 03/2015

A Chinese-English Geology and Mining Industry Dictionary
ISBN: 9787502473365 | Published on 07/2016

Stabiliy Control and Comprehensive Monitoring Technology of Broken Rock of Large-scale Metal Mine Below of Seafloor
ISBN: 9787502487690 | Published on 04/2021

Coordinating Industrial Symbiosis : Knowledge Transfer Process and Mechanism
ISBN: 9787502479206 | Published on 10/2018
This book provides a greater understanding of KT and IS theories from the following perspectives: Presenting the role of changing national policy...

An Introduction to Flight Control of Three-duct Compound UAV
ISBN: 9787502494377 | Published on 04/2023

ISBN: 9787502494070 | Published on 03/2023

Theory of Combustion and Explosion
ISBN: 9787502494414 | Published on 03/2023