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40 on 40: Interviews with Experts on China-US Relations 1979-2019
ISBN: 9787510471216 | Published on 12/2020

400 Quotations From Chinese Classics (Chinese-English)
ISBN: 7800056406/G·283 | Published on 01/2002
This book is written especially for international readers who have mastered the elementary Chinese language and want to understand Chinese...
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A Chef Master from the Hutong
ISBN: 9787510461255 | Published on 08/2017

A Collection of Happiness
ISBN: 9787510464959 | Published on 07/2018
About Author Liu Lili,graduated from China Foreign Affairs University with a degree in international law. She is a seasoned journalist with the...

A Critical History of Classical Chinese Philosophy
ISBN: 9787510405372 | Published on 09/2009 | Reviews:
Philosophical ideas of different schools such as Confucian, Taoist, Legalist, Mohist, Nominalist, Military Strategist, Yin and Yang, and...

A Dictionary of Popular Chinese Phrases in English
ISBN: 9787510447341 | Published on 01/2014

A Green Hill Far Away
ISBN: 9787510418129,7510418127 | Published on 06/2011

A Lexical Window on Contemporary China
ISBN: 9787510435799 | Published on 08/2014

A Man and His Horse
ISBN: 9787510456411, 751045641X | Published on 10/2016

A New Chinese Identity
ISBN: 9787510405389 | Published on 09/2009
This book is a must read for all those who are interested in understanding the complexities of the modern Chinese society. From the Internet and...

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