400 Quotations From Chinese Classics (Chinese-English)

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This book is written especially for international readers who have mastered the elementary Chinese language and want to understand Chinese civilization deeply, to expand exchange scope and to improve proficiency in speaking Chinese.
Chinese civilization, with the Chinese language as its carrier, is rich in contents over a period of several thousand years' development. In this book, we have selected a small number of famous sayings especially for international readers to read or as references, a very good way to understand the profound implication of Chinese civilization. Obtained by great thinkers through the dynasties when they pondered over problems encountered in life or observed things in the world, these sayings have become a concrete embodiment of the extensive and profound eastern civilization. They often contain many simple but profound philosophic theories and norms of conducts, so they are generally regarded as instructive aphorisms.
However, most of these saying appear in the form of archaic Chinese, so it is fairly difficult to understand and even harder to use them for many international readers who begin to learn the Chinese language. Therefore, in this book, we firstly explain these famous sayings in modern Chinese and translate them into English so that international readers can understand their original meaning. This is the most fundamental and also the most important step. Secondly, we cite special examples to show how to use these famous sayings in different situations. Thirdly, we annotate the original texts and examples with the Chinese pinyin phonetics so as to enable international readers, who have grasped pinyin to read and speak accurately.
Table of Contents
Table of contents: 400 Quotations From Chinese Classics (Chinese-English) (ISBN:7800056406/G·283)
400 Quotations From Chinese Classics (Chinese-English)