Monkey Series: Bringing Back the Scriptures

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The MONKEY SERIES are picture books based on the ancient Chinese fantasy novel Journey to the West, a story rich in tales about demons and monsters who try to stop the Tang Priest Xuanzang from reaching the Thunder Monastery in India to fetch Buddhist scriptures. The real hero of this novel, loved for four hundred years by Chinese readers, is the resourceful, brave and humorous Monkey.
Monkey Defeats Jade Hare, tells how Monkey defeats a false princess and saves the real princess in a city in India. When the Tang Priest and his party reach the city, the false princess is tossing a ball to decide who her husband is to be. The ball hits the Tang Priest on the head, but Monkey finds out the princess is really the Jade Hare from the moon. After rescuing the true princess, master and disciples continue on their journey to the West.

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Monkey Series: Bringing Back the Scriptures