Monkey King Chinese: School-age edition 2B (Including 1 CD)

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As part of the popular “Chinese Paradise” textbook series, “Monkey King Chinese” targets at the 7-10 years old children or 1-3 grade students in English speaking countries. It is divided into 3 levels in 6 volumes, 2 volumes in each level, which are designed for one grade. Each volume is composed of 6 lessons, 3 children’s songs, 3 nursery rhymes, 2 pages of stickers and 1 audio CD. Each lesson has 6-7 new words. Like “Chinese Paradise” series, the textbook has taken into full consideration of the target children’s reading habits and learning characteristics and features numerous classroom games, interactive lessons and illustrations. Level 3 will be out by June.

Table of Contents
LESSON 1 Months and Seasons
LESSON 2 Going to the Beach
LESSON 3 Physical Labour
LESSON 4 Weather
LESSON 5 On the Playground
LESSON 6 Birthday Party
Monkey King Chinese: School-age edition 2B (Including 1 CD)