YCT Simulation Tests (Level I)

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Level: Beginner,Elementary

Primary School ,Middle School

YCT (Youth Chinese Test), an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses the abilities of non-Chinese speaking students in primary and middle schools to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives.
YCT Simulation Tests (LevelⅠ) is corresponding to the writing tests of YCT LevelⅠ, including 6 sets of simulation tests.
Sound recording will be downloaded by scanning QR code on the first page of each examination paper.

About the Author
Chief Author: Professor Jiang Liping, a doctoral supervisor inBeijing Language and Culture University whose research focuses on the theoriesof teaching Chinese as a foreign language, teaching methodology and textbookstudy. Ms. Jiang’s works include books such as On Teaching Chinese as a ForeignLanguage, Ways on How to Teach Foreigners Chinese and Classroom ExpressionCourse for Chinese Teaching as well as more than 10 papers published inLanguage Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Chinese Language Teaching and otherjournals. She has given lectures in many countries and cities, such as Japan,the United States, Thailand and Hong Kong.Associate Chief Author: Gao Yang, a teacher in Beijing Language andCulture University

High degree of simulation, strictly following the test syllabus and referring to the past exam papers officially published
Loose-leaf binding for easy self-testing and simulation testing
Equipped with an app, available on both mobile phones and tablet PCs
YCT Simulation Tests (Level I)