Folk Tales from China's Ethnic Minorities

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在 无边无涯的海洋中间,有一个小小的岛屿。岛上长着茂密的森林。中央还有一个湖,名叫:“东海”。这里没有人烟,住着一只大鹏鸟和其他一些小鸟。有一次,大 鹏鸟飞到东海湖边,一口气把湖水喝了一半。从此,大鹏鸟便骄傲起来了,常常向别的鸟夸耀说:“天下再没有像我这样大的动物了!”并且说:它要到各地去游 逛,来显显自己的威风。
在茫茫的大海上,大鹏飞啊,飞啊,飞得有些累了,忽见前面有两条粗大的黑柱露在海面上。于是,它飞到那里,轻轻地停下来休 息。忽然,黑柱底下发出了叫声:“你是什么东西?敢在我的须上停歇!”大鹏鸟吓了一跳,忙向下一望——原来是只大龙虾,自己正好停在它的须上。慌得大鹏鸟 连忙飞起,惊讶地说:“天啊!我总以为天下最大的是我,谁知龙虾的一条须就比我大得多呢!”接着,就无精打采地飞回原处去了。
可是,龙虾却从此骄 傲起来,认为连最大的大鹏鸟都比不过自己,还有什么比自己更大的呢!于是,它在大海里到处遨游,就想显显龙虾的威风。游啊,游啊,游得有些累了,忽见前面 有个黑森森的洞,龙虾马上想钻进去休息一会。——谁知这是一条鲸鱼,龙虾钻进去的竟是鲸鱼的鼻孔。龙虾在里面伸拳缩脚地闹腾开了。这一来,就把鲸鱼触痒 了。只听得“啊嚏”一声,直把龙虾喷到泰山顶上,把脊椎骨也摔断了。——从此,龙虾就没有脊椎骨了。(原载《中国少数民族寓言故事选》,黄显华搜集整理)
There was once a very small island overgrown with trees in aboundless sea. In the center of the island was a lake called the East Sea.Except for a roc and a number of other birds, there were no inhabitantsthere. Once the roc flew to the side of the East Sea and drank half of thelake water at one go. Thereafter he became self-conceited and often boastedto the other birds, "There are no other animals as big as I in the wholeworld! " And he added that he would go places for fun and make a showof his strength.
On the vast sea the roc flew and flew and he was beginning to feel tiredwhen he saw two very thick big black columns rising out of the sea. He thenflew there and softly lighted on one of them for a rest. Suddenly, a voiceboomed out from under the black columns, "What are you that dare light
n my tentacle? " Frightened, the roc hastily looked down: he was restingon one of the tentacles of a big lobster ! Panic-stricken, the roc flew awaysaying in great shock, "Good heavens! I have always thought that it isme who is the biggest in the world. How is it that even a lobster's tentacleis far bigger than I? " Crestfallen, the roc flew to where he came from.
On the other hand, the lobster, too, grew conceited thinking thatsince the biggest roc could not compare with him, what other creaturescould be bigger than he? So he swam here and there in the limitless sealike a triumphant conqueror. He swam and swam and was beginning to feela little tired when he suddenly spied a dark hole in front of him. The lobsterwanted very much to get into it to rest for a while. But who could havethought that it was nothing but a whale's nostril into which he had crawled.The lobster made such a noise wrigg
ing and twisting and the whale's nostrilwas tickled so much that the whale went "Atisshoo" and the lobster wasejected onto the top of Mount Tai. Thus the lobster lost his spine——once andfor all.

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Folk Tales from China's Ethnic Minorities