Legend of Beijing (English)

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The folktales in this collection, with a genuine Chinese flavour, carry readers back to the building of Beijing as the Ming-dynasty capital in 1421. Dealing with the city's layout, some of its chief monuments, place names and different legends, they give readers fascinating glimpses of the life of rulers as well as ordinary people.
Table of Contents
The Eingt-Armed Nezzha City
How the Black Rock Went to Lu Gou Qiao
Gao Liang;s Race for Water
Bei Xin Qiao——New North Bridge
The Centipede Wills
The Cricket Cage Peklar
Tian An Men;s Stone Lions
Shi Cha Hai
Tht Bell Goddess
Jiu Xian Qiao——Liquor Immortal Bridge
Brimful Well
The Stone Statues at the Ming Tombs
Black Dragon Lake
The Folwer Goddess
Swallow Terrace
Urm Hill
Iron Screen Wall
The Motherwort in the Temple of Heaven
Lushi and His Dragon Disciples
Topsyturvy Temple
The Tired Pagoda
Discriminating Bell Temple
The Black Monkey
The Stone Monkeys on Broken Rainbow Bridge
How Masted Vessels Passed Under Eingt Li Bridge
The Crescent Moon on Tip of a Plum Tree
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Legend of Beijing (English)