Historical Development of Classical Physico-Mathematics

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Table of Contents
Historical Development o] Classical Physico-Mathematics
3.Introduction of Precedengs of Fourier's work by Poisson
4.Poisson's integral theories and preceding works
5.Argument between Fourier and Poisson on applying the theorem of De Gua to transcendental equations
6.Fourier's principles on the trigonometric series, the integral and the root
7.Poisson's heat theory in rivalry to Fourier
8.The physical structure and mathematical descriptions in the contrarieties of the microscopically descriptive functions on the Navier-Stokes equation from the viewpoint of mathematical history
9.Poisson's elastic mechanism:Mmoire sur l'Equilibre et le Mouvement des Corps dlastiques
10.Poisson's refutation to Fourier's defect
11.Fourier's defense and enhancement of his theory
Historical Development of Classical Physico-Mathematics