Wei Desheng's Collection of Studies on Ancient Literature and Language

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Usage Advice: Target Audience: For professionals of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) and ExcavatedTexts

As one of the books in the “Book Series of BLCU Scholars (Vol. 2)”, this book collects the author's 25 research papers already published over the recent years, encompassing the linguistic studies of the documents handed down from ancient times and the linguistic studies of documents on bamboo slips and silk. In the former part, the author discusses the differences between classic Chinese and modern Chinese in terms of word, morpheme, and structure, corrects people's deviations in the understanding of the forms, pronunciations, and meanings of classic Chinese words, and let them be back the way they were. In the latter part, the author analyzes the research objects and stages of the documents on bamboo and silk, and explores some issues on Chinese vocabulary and characters in shuihudi jian (睡虎地简) and xibei jian(西北简).

About the Author
Wei Desheng, PhD in Literature and Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, focuses his research on the history of Chinese vocabulary and grammar, and presided over and completed the national projects for social sciences. His monographs include: Grammatical Studies of Bamboo Slips from Qin Tombs in Shuihudi, and Linguistic Studies of Han Feizi. His papers include: “Classifiers in Dunhuang Hanjian(敦煌汉简)”, “Juyan Xinjian(新简)and Canjian (残简)of Japanese Books in Dunhuang Hanjian(敦煌汉简)”, “Idioms in Classic Chinese”, “Structural Meanings for Nouns in Classic Chinese”, etc.

Wei Desheng's Collection of Studies on Ancient Literature and Language