Governance of a Big Country: The Wisdom of Ancient China

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Table of Contents
Part One Philosophies
Ⅰ.The Harmony Between Man and Nature
Ⅱ.The Commonwealth of the World for All
Ⅲ.People-oriented Thinking
Ⅳ.Human-heartedness: Loving Others
Ⅴ.Promoting the Virtuous and Appointing the Capable
Ⅵ.Governance Through Non-action
Ⅶ.Righteousness Over Profit
Ⅷ.Cultivating Rituals to Govern the Country
Ⅸ.Harmonizing All States
Ⅹ.Sageliness Within and Kingliness Without
Ⅺ.Humanistic Cultivation
Ⅻ.Preparedness for the Future
ⅩⅢ.Attack by Stratagem
Part Two Systems
Ⅰ.Emperorism to Unify the Nation
Ⅱ.Decentralization System: Checks and Balances
Ⅲ.System of Prefectures and Counties for Smooth Implementation of Government Decrees
Ⅳ.Council for Tribal Affairs: A Policy of Control Through Conciliation
Ⅴ.The Diplomatic System: Using Both the Stick and the Carrot
Ⅵ.Official Selection System: Promoting the Virtuous and theCapable
Ⅶ.The Supervision Systems for Officials
Ⅷ.The Land System: Distribution on Households
Ⅸ.Household Registration and Verification for Tax and Corvée
Ⅹ.The State-owned Economic System: The Lifeline
Ⅺ.The System of Rituals and Laws
Ⅻ.The Educational System: Cultivating Talents for the Official Reserves
ⅩⅢ.History Compiling System: Learning from the Past
Part Three Methodology
Ⅰ.Extension of Knowledge Through Investigation of Things
Ⅱ.Reform and Innovation
Ⅲ.Unity of Knowledge and Practice
Ⅳ.The Doctrine of the Mean
Ⅴ.A Just Cause Allies Abundant Support While an Unjust One Finds Little
Ⅵ.Pooling the Wisdom and Working Together
Ⅶ.Be Virtuous and Prudent in Punishment
Ⅷ.Be Alert to Danger in Times of Peace
Ⅸ.A Straw Shows Which Way the Wind Blows
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Governance of a Big Country: The Wisdom of Ancient China