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New Supply Economics A Reform Solution for Economic Structural Transition
ISBN: 9787119125510 | Published on 12/2020
Over the past four decades since the start of reform and opening up, theories proposed by Western economists have greatly influenced China's...

A Chinese Crusade Against Ebola:True Stories of Chinese Doctors Helping to Fight Ebola in Africa
ISBN: 9787119117737 | Published on 04/2020

The Analects of Confucius
ISBN: 9787119120379 | Published on 06/2019 | Reviews:

China Speed: China's High-Speed Rail
ISBN: 9787119104324 | Published on 10/2016
The rapidity of China’s high-speed railway development symbolizes the “China Speed” which is manifesting itself during the era of...

Green Transformation in China: Understanding China's Ecological Progress
ISBN: 9787119120942 | Published on 08/2019 | Series: China in Focus
About Author 王毅(Wang Yi), ecology, member of the Specialist Committee on National Climate Change, mainly focuses on the research of public...

The Spirit of Yan'an: A Source of Power for the CPC
ISBN: 9787119119915 | Published on 08/2020
Yan'an, is a sacred place in China's revolutionary history, endowed with an impressive number of attractions that remain in the memory of all...

Common Health Qigong Terms
ISBN: 9787119089591 | Published on 08/2014
This book is compiled for the purpose of spreading China's scientific health-preservation culture, meeting the needs of those learning Health...
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MISERY AND GLORY The Long March and Its Antecedents
ISBN: 9787119125862 | Published on 12/2020
Facing this history of ceaseless turbulence, you can say it was not rich, plentiful, satisfying, tolerant, open or peaceful;evenso, it must amaze you...

China's Beidou: Navigation Satellite System - A Pillar of the Grate Power
ISBN: 9787119118680 | Published on 01/2020
The Beidou navigation satellite system (BDS), one of "China's three most famous trademarks", has become another Chinese business card...

A Brave Journey:The Past and Present of the Communist Party of China
ISBN: 9787119121376 | Published on 08/2019
With a population of nearly 1.4 billion, China is bound to have many stories to tell, so is the Communist Party of China with more than 90 million...

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Established in 1952, Foreign Languages Press (FLP) is a professional international publishing house. Over the past half century, FLP has published, in 43 languages, over 30,000 book titles, including the works of Party and State leaders, important records and documents, and books providing social, political, economic and cultural insight on China, totaling over 400 million printed copies distributed throughout more than 160 countries and regions in the world. As well, FLP has taken full advantage of its hallmark reputation to publish series of distinguished foreign-language teaching books.