Environmental Pollution and Control

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  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 08/2017
  • ISBN: 9787519224592
  • Publisher: World Publishing Corporation
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Future Cities and Environmental Sustainability by Saffa Riffat, Richard Powell and Devrim Aydin
Chapter 2
A Conceptual Approach to a Citizans' Observatory—Supporting Community—Based Environmental Governance by Hai—Ying Liu, Mike Kobernus, David Brodoy, et al.
Chapter 3
Remoteness from Sources of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Multi—Media Global Environment by Recep Kaya Goktas and Matthew MacLeod
Chapter 4
A Legal Conventionalist Approach to Pollution by Cormen E.Pavel
Chapter 5
Environmentallmpacts of Farm Land Abandonment in High Altitude/Mountain Regions: A Systematic Map of the Evidence by Neol R.Hoddaway, David Styles and Andrew S.Pullin
Chapter 6
The Challenges of Water, Waste and Climate Change in Cities by S.H.A.Koop and C.J.van Leeuwen
Chapter 7
Economic Evaluation of the Air Pollution Effect on Public Health in China's 74 Cities by Li Li.Yalin Lei, Dongyon Pan, et al.
Chapter 8
Are Income—Related Differences in Active Travel Associated with Physical Environ mental Characteristics? A Multi—Level Ecological Approach by Esther Rind, Niamh Shortt, Richord Mitchell, et al.
Chapter 9
Association of Traffic—Related Hazardous Air Pollutants and Cervical Dysplasia in an Urban Multiethnic Population: A Cross—Sectional Study by Michael E.Scheurer, Heother E.Danysh, Michele Follen, et al.
Chapter 10
Chemical Content and Estimated Sources of Fine Fraction of Particulate Matter Collected in Krakow by Lucyno Samek, Zdzislaw Stegowski, Leszek Furman, et al.
Chapter 11
A Systematic Review on Status of Lead Pollution and Toxicity in Iran; Guidance for Preventive Measures by Porisso Karrori, Omid Mehrpour and Mohammod Abdollahi
Chapter 12
Coal Mining in Northeast India: An Overview of Environmental Issues and Treatment Approaches by Mayuri Chabukdharo and O.P.Singh
Chapter 13
Conceptualizing and Communicating Management Effects on Forest Water Quality by Martyn N.Futter, Lors Hogbom, Solar Valinio, et al.
Chapter 14
Economic Benefits of Methylmercury Exposure Control in Europe:Monetary Value of Neurotoxicity Prevention by Martine Bellanger, Celine Pichery, Dominique Aerts, et al.
Chapter 15
Economics of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization—A Supply and Demand Perspective by Henriette Naims
Chapter 16
Energy and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Way Forward by Sunday Olayinka Oyedepo
Chapter 17
Environmental Contamination by Canine Geohelminths
by Donoto Traverso, Antonio Frongipane di Regalbono, Angela Dl Cesare, et al.
Chapter 18
Envirotyping for Deciphering Environmental Impacts on
Crop Plants by Yunbi Xu
Chapter 19
Explaining the High PMio Concentrations Observed in Polish Urban Areas by Mogdalena Reizer and Katorzyno Juda—Rezler
Chapter 20
Coupling Socioeconomic and Lake Systems for Sustainability: A Conceptual Analysis Using Lake St.Clair Region as a Case Study by Georgia Mavrommati, Melissa M.Baustion and Erin A.Dreelin
Chapter 21
Focus on Potential Environmental Issues on Plastic World towards
a Sustainable Plastic Recycling in Developing Countries
by Onwugharo Innocent Nkwochukwu, Chukwu Henry Chima,
Alaekwe Obiora lkenna, et al.
Chapter 22
"We Are Used to This": A Qualitative Assessment of the Perceptions of
and Attitudes towards Air Pollution amongst Slum Residents in Nairobi
by Konyivo Muindi, Thoddoeus Egondi.Elizabeth Kimcrni—Muroge, et al.
Chapter 23
Air and Water Pollution over Time and Industries with Stochastic Dominance by Elettro Agliordi, Mehmet Pinar and Thonosis Stengos
Chapter 24
Identifying the Impediments and Enablers of Ecohealth for a Case Study on Health and Environmental Sanitation in Ha Nam, Vietnam by Vi Nguyen, Hung Nguyen—Viet, Phuc Pham—Duc, et al.
Chapter 25
Improved Stove Interventions to Reduce Household Air Pollution in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Descriptive Systematic Review by Emma Thomas, Kremlin Wickramosinghe, Shanthi Mendis, et al.
Chapter 26
Legal Protection Assessment of Different Inland Wetlands in Chile by Potriao Moller and Andres Munoz—Pedreros
Chapter 27
Industrial Air Pollution in Rural Kenya: Community Awareness, Risk Perception and Associations between Risk Variables by Eunice Omonga, Lisa Ulmer, Zekarias Berhane, et al.
Chapter 28
Spatial Heterogeneity of the Relationships between Environmental Characteristics and Active Commuting: Towards a Locally Varying Social Ecological Model by Thierry Feuillet, Helene Chorreire, Mehdi Menai, et al.
Chapter 29
Spatiotemporal Patterns of Particulate Matter (PM) and Associations between PM and Mortality in Shenzhen, China by Fengying Zhong, Xioojian Liu, Lei Zhou, et al.
Chapter 30
Study on Wastewater Toxicity Using ToxTrakTM Method by Ewa Liwarska—Bizukojc, Rodoslow Slezak and Malgorzata Klink
Sample Pages Preview
Even more fanciful than London's "endless City" and inspired by the rorm of the lotus flower, is Tsvetan Toshkov's, "City in the sky' which he claims is a concept embodying an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega—dcveloped and polluted city, where one can escape from the everyday noise and worries " Although a delightful exercise in creating a utopia away from the strains of modern city life, the engineering stresses within the proposed structure raise questions about its practicality.
Despite the ambitious, indeed grandiose, designs of future cities requiring considerable planning, rapid urban renewal may become vital in response to natural disasters notably earthquakes and hurricanes.While nobody would wish such misfortunate on any city with the human tragedies engendered, the opportunity presented to rebuild a devastated city to both improve its sustainability and to reduce the risk of future disaster cannot be overlooked, not least as an honour to those who have suffered.Two examples are the Wenchuan and Qingchuan districts of Sichuan Province, severely damaged by the 2008 earthquake, which are now in the reconstruction process.
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Environmental Pollution and Control