Streetwise Guide Beijing

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STREETWISE GUIDE BEIJING is much more than a guidebook; it is a comprehensive source of information for all your travel needs. With sample itineraries to ensure you get the most of your time in Beijing, to cultural norms (and taboos), useful phrases (with an easy and user-friendly pronunciation guide), detailed maps, transit options and more, it's like having a wise local "Beijinger" in your back pocket.
Laid out in four main sections, start with the Introduction (naturally) and then make your way into the Area Guide, which breaks the city into nine different and interesting sections. You'll find sightseeing, shopping and accommodation choices to suit almost any taste (and budget), as well as detailed bus and subway instructions, all laid out in a clear, concise and informative manner. In the Travelers' Survival Guide you'll find "scams to avoid" and instructions on everything from how to use pay phones, to how to mail things back home, all compiled with either the casual traveler, or newly arriving resident in mind.
Take advantage of the special offers, sample price lists and budget suggestions included throughout, and carry this book with you to show to locals and taxi drivers, as all the addresses are listed in both pinyin English and Mandarin Chinese. You'll even find a useful (and tasty) picture menu to help make sure you get a delicious meal, no matter where you choose to eat.
Planning to come for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? The Appendix contains venues, schedules and more! So whether you are here for a day, a week, or arriving to stay, this book is for you!

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Streetwise Guide Beijing