Chinese Paradise: Test Book 2

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Format: Book
Page: 88
Publication Date: 07/2019
ISBN: 9787561954454
Publisher: Beijng Language and Culture University Press
Series: Chinese Paradise (2nd Edition)
Sample Pages: PDF Download
Level: Beginner, Elementary

Primary School

Chinese Paradise—Test Book is a series of practice tests based on the textbooks of Chinese Paradise (2nd edition). There are six levels in total, with Levels 1-3 corresponding to YCT 1-2, and Levels 4-6 corresponding to YCT 3-4.
Each level includes:
Practice Tests: -6 unit tests;
- 1 mid-term test;
- 1 final test.
Listening Script Reference Answers

About the Author
Center for Studies and Development of Textbooks for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) of Beijing Language and Culture University is the first research institute in China dedicated to the studies, development, compilation and popularization of TCFL textbooks. Based on TCFL at Beijing Language and Culture University and bringing to local and international scholars in this field, it gives full play to the advantage of collective teaching a number of international students.
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Chinese Paradise: Test Book 2