Chinese Maple Tree and Human Health

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Author: Wang Xingyan; Cui Juanzi; Gao Jinming; ;
Language: English
Page: 160
Publication Date: 09/2021
ISBN: 9787568310055
Publisher: Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forestry Press
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chinese maple---Precious Tree Species from Nature
Section 1 Morphological characteristics of Chinese maple
Chapter 2 Research on the chemical composition of Chinese maple
Section 1 The chemical composition of Chinese maple fruits
Section 2 Study on Chemical Composition of Chinese maple Leaf
Chapter 3 Chinese maple Nervonic Acid Oil
Section 1 The physiological functions and pharmacological effects ofnervonic acid
Section 2 Current Status of Application Research on Chinese maple Nervonic Acid Oil
Section 3 High-quality raw material for the cosmetics industry --Chinese maple oil
Section 4 The Enlightenment of American"Lorenzo's Oil".
Chapter 4 Research and development on Medical usage of Chinese maple
Section 1 Toxic and anti-tumor test of Chinese maple
Section 2 Antibiotic property of Chinese maple oil
Section 3 The pharmacological effect of Chinese maple tannin
Section 4 The pharmacological function of Chinese maple flavone
Chapter 5 New resource of high-quality edible protein
Section 1 Nutritious and complete protein
Section 2 Protein Products of Chinese maple
Chapter 6 Chinese maple tannins
Section 1 Tannins are important raw materials in the fields of food, medicine and industry
Section 2 high quality tanning materials for the leather industry
Section 3 High-quality fixing agent for textile printing and dyeing
Chapter 7 Chinese maple Leaves for Medicine and Food
Section 1 Active ingredients in Chinese maple tea
Section 2 Chinese maple nervonic acid oil, Chinese maple Tea and Chinese maple Coffee
Section 3 Chinese maple leaves and their extracts are used for pollution-free breeding
Chinese Maple Tree and Human Health