Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2016.3

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Table of Contents

Vol. 39, No. 3, Jul. 2016
第39卷 第3期 2016年7月

Second Language Acquisition
Acquisition of English reflexive verb constructions: Roles of syntactical indeterminacy and token
frequency Xu Chengping
英语反身动词构式的习得—句法可选择性和类型频率的影响研究 徐承萍

A Comparison of the L2 Motivational Self System Between Chinese EFL and ESL Learners Zhang
关于中国EFL学习者和ESL学习者的"二语动机自我系统"的对比分析 张建英

Functions of you know and I mean in academic seminar discussions by ELF speakers Wu Xue & Lei Lei
You know、I mean在英语作为通用语学习者学术研讨会中的功能探究 吴雪 雷蕾

Language Teaching
The Functional Approach to the Teaching of Translation: A Case Study on Beiying and Its English
Translations Yuan Surong
翻译教学的功能途径——《背影》及英译之案例研究 原苏荣

Language and Cognition
Problem-Based L2 Learning: Self-Negotiated Linguistic Cognition Ding Xiaowei
基于问题的二语学习--自我协商的二语认知 丁晓蔚
Non-Word Repetition Performance in Mandarin-Speaking Preschool Children
With and Without Specific Language Impairment (SLI) Wang Xiaoqing & Huang Jiandan
普通话学龄前儿童非词重复任务实验报告 王晓庆 黄建丹

Teacher Development
How Teachers’ Beliefs Are in Accordance with Major SLA Notions Chaochang Wang
教师教学观与第二语言习得主要理念的符合程度 王兆璋
Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2016.3