Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2015.3

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Table of Contents

Testing and Assessment
Speech Recognition Technology in Language Testing: Does Taking the Test in an English Speaking
Environment Matter? Marina DODIGOVIC
语言测试中的语音识别技术 —— 在以英语为母语的环境中参加测试重要吗? Marina Dodigovic
Effects of Strategic Planning Time on L2 Paired Oral Test Performance WANG Haizhen & SONG Fangqi
策略准备时间对二语对话型口语表现的影响 王海贞 宋方奇

Second Language Acquisition
Developing Chinese Complimenting in a Study Abroad Program Li Jin
海外短期留学期间的汉语恭维语习得 金丽
Chen Sibo
双语儿童表述能力的发展:关于 "Looking Glass Neighborhood" 项目的报告 陈思博
The Effects of Written Corrective Feedback on Chinese EFL Learners’ Acquisition of English
Collocations WANG Ting & JIANG Lin
书面纠错对中国英语学习者搭配习得的影响研究 王婷 姜琳
The Effects of Phonological Awareness Training on the Reading Performance by Child EFL Learners in
China SUN Bing, ZHU Bingxia & CHEN Jinfen
语音意识训练对中国儿童英语阅读的影响研究 孙兵 朱冰霞 陈锦芬

Discourse Analysis
Metadiscourse Use in English Job Applications LIN Meizhen
英语求职语篇中元话语的应用研究 林美珍

Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2015.3